WizDx™ F-150

Ultra-fast Real-time PCR system

Innovative detection mechanism ensures reliable results of anlaysis.

Integrated camera module of WizDx™ F-150 fully monitors and records the fluorescence signal of samples during reaction process and the recorded signals are processed and displayed within WizDx Recorder software for analysis. WizDx™ F-150 provides precise result of reaction with unique data processing method, compared to the conventional instruments in the market, which collects the fluorescence signal with optical scanning method. WizDx™ F-150 software adopted key analysis parameters which are similar to conventional instruments in the market and any users can easily make use of this intuitive analysis tool. WizDx™ F-150 comes with WizDx Recorder software and its license. Every units are individually calibrated before shipping and no user’s calibration is needed to run the instrument.

WizDx™ PCR Chip


Operationg Mechanism


Temperature Uniformity

Temperature Stability

Ramping Rate

Range of Temperature Setting

Sample Format

Number of Samples per run

Required Sample

Typical PCR Duration

Method of Detection


Integrated Memory

Type of Excitation


Number of Detection Channel

Method of Fluorescence Measurement

PC Connection

Power (Wattage)



Precise Control of Peltier element

± 0.5°C

± 0.5°C (Well to Well)

± 0.5°C

8.0°C / second

35 ~ 65 (1.0°C Increment) for RT Step

20 ~ 99 (1.0°C Increment) for PCR

Polymer Based 3-Dimensional Microfluidic Chip

10 samples


Less than 20 Minutes for 40 Cycles

Analysis of Digitized Fluorescence Signal

Text LCD (4 Line)

Saves up to 12 PCR Protocols

High Brightness LED

465nm ± 10nm

1 channel (FAM, SYBR Green)

Integrated Camera Module

USB 2.0

AC 110-230V (50-60Hz) input / DC 12V Output (70W)

200(w) x 200(d) x 125(h) mm



WizDx™ F-150 Real-time PCR system

WizDx™ PCR Chip



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