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Green-Taq DNA Polymerase

WizPure™ Green-Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermally stable, processive, 5’→ 3’ DNA polymerase. The 94 kDa protein possesses an inherent 5’→3’ nick-translation moiety and lacks a 3’→5’ proofreading function. WizPure™ Green-Taq DNA Polymerase is provided with 5X Green Buffer, 5X Colorless Buffer. The 5X Green Buffer contains loading dye for direct electrophoresis. And the 5X Colorless Buffer is used when direct fluorescence or absorbance readings are required without prior purification of the amplified DNA from the PCR. Both buffers contain MgCl2 at a concentration of 7.5mM for a final concentration of 1.5mM in the 1X reaction.

  • Kit Contents

    Product Contents Note
    Green-Taq DNA Polymerase
    • Green-Taq DNA Polymerase
    • 5X Green Buffer
    • 5X Colorless Buffer
    5X Reaction Buffer containing MgCl2
    Green-Taq Ex DNA Polymerase
    • Green-Taq DNA Polymerase
    • 5X Green Ex Buffer
    • 5X Colorless Ex Buffer
    • 25mM MgCl2 Solution

    5X Reaction Buffer does not containing MgCl2.

    Mgcl2 solution is provided separately.

  • Applications

    • Amplification of DNA fragments shorter than 3 kb
    • (Suitable for general PCR analysis)
    • Primer extension
    • Colony PCR
    • Multiplex PCR
    • Labeling of DNA fragments with radioactive-isotopes
    • Nucleotide sequencing
  • Characteristics

    • Error rate : 2.4 X 10^-5
    • Thermal stability : Half life of 40 min at 95°C
    • A-tail formation at 3’ ends of amplified duplex DNA
  • Shipping and Storage Conditions

    • Store all components at -20ºC in a non-frost-free freezer.
  • Ordering Information

    Cat No. Product Size Note
    W1350-1 Green Taq DNA Polymerase 250 U  
    W1350-2 Green Taq DNA Polymerase 500 U  
    W1350-4 Green Taq DNA Polymerase 1,000 U  
    W1351-1 Green Taq Ex DNA Polymerase 250 U MgCl2 Solution
    W1351-2 Green Taq Ex DNA Polymerase 500 U MgCl2 Solution
    W1351-4 Green Taq Ex DNA Polymerase 1,000 U MgCl2 Solution
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