Plant RNA Mini Kit

Plant RNA Mini Kit

The WizPrep™ Plant RNA Mini Kit provides for rapid isolation of RNA from various plant samples (e.g. leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruit, seeds etc.). For purification of total RNA(~25 µg), the WizPrep™ Plant RNA Mini Kit features a specially formulated RNA Lysis Buffer. The RNA Spin Column allows for high-capacity DNA elimination and the subsequent RNA Spin Column efficiently adsorbs total RNA. The RNA is washed and then eluted with DNase/RNase-Free Water. The RNA is suitable for use in various subsequent procedures including RT-PCR. The entire RNA isolation procedure typically takes about 15 minutes.

  • Kit Contents


    50 prep

    150 prep

    RPL1 Buffer

    25 ml

    80 ml

    RPW1 Buffer

    40 ml

    120 ml

    RPW2 Buffer

    12 ml

    40 ml

    RNase-Free Water

    5 ml

    20 ml

    RNA Spin Column

    50 pcs

    150 pcs

    Filter Column

    50 pcs

    150 pcs

    Collection Tube

    100 pcs

    300 pcs

  • Applications

    • Total RNA extraction from Plant sample


  • Shipping and Storage Conditions

    • Room temperature
  • Ordering Information

    Cat No. Size Note
    W72650-50 50 prep  
    W72650-150 150 prep  
  • Manual



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