Wizol Reagent

Wizol Reagent

The Wizol™ Reagent is a complete and ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from tissue, cultured animal and bacterial cells, and cell-free fluids such as serum and plasma. The Wizol™ Reagent contains guanidinium, a powerful chaotropic agent effective for rapidly inactivating nucleases, and phenol, an organic solvent used to denature and separate proteins and DNA from RNA. The Wizol™ Reagent ensures total RNA with high yield and good quality from samples of unlimited size. If a larger sample is required, the buffer volume can be scaled proportionately, making this reagent not only very user friendly but also highly versatile. The total RNA is ready for use in RT-PCR, Northern Blotting, cDNA Synthesis and Mapping.

  • Kit Contents

    • WiZol Reagent
  • Applications

    • cDNA synthesis
    • RT-PCR, Real-time PCR
    • Northern/dot blot analysis
    • RNase protection assays
    • Molecular cloning


  • Shipping and Storage Conditions

    • Store at 2~25°C and protect from the light.
    • Wizol is stable for 12 months when properly stored.
  • Advantages

    - Higher yield and quality
        Isolate pure and undergraded RNA
    - Easy isolation of total RNA
       Isolate total RNA in one fraction
       Red colord reagent is useful to distinguish between organic phase and aqueous phase
    - Fast and convenient
       Total RNA isolation can be completed in 1 hour.
       Stable at room temperature

  • Ordering Information

    Cat No. Size Note
    W76100 100 ml  
  • Manual



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